Welcome to Queen City Catholic

On Mission Together.

The mission is clear.

We are here to empower every young adult in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to live out their unique and unrepeatable vocation in vibrant communities and through the local Catholic Church.

Why are we building a Community Network?

Are you tired of waiting to hear about events through word-of-mouth or scouring bulletins and websites to find out what's going on? Are you looking for ways to use your gifts and talents to serve others? This is a space for us to build a unified calendar and connect with each other as we discover how Jesus Christ wants to work through each of us to bring new life to our local community.

Why Mighty Networks?

Other social media platforms are noisy, cluttered, and often foster more division than genuine community. Using the Mighty Networks platform allows us to create a dedicated space completely centered on growing together in our relationship with Jesus Christ.